Green Light is not Flashing?

1.Please unplug and plug back in the power supply for the camera, making sure the USB cable is secure at both ends.
2.LED indicating lamp lit something other than flashing green.
①Always Yellow: Camera system is setting up.
②Always Blue: Power supply is weak or the camera is in Offline mode.
③Always Green: Camera is working properly
①Always Yellow: Please allow 1-2 minutes for setup to complete.
②Always Blue: Make sure the original power adapter is being used. If not, please exchange it for the original one included with your camera. Please check the Working mode in Camera Settings. If it is set to Offline mode, change it to Network mode.
③Always Green: Camera is connected and working properly, please return to the home page and select the camera to check the video feed.


3.Reset the camera 
Using a paperclip, needle or other similar tool, press down and hold the rest button inside the case next to the memory card slot. Hold it for 3-5 seconds and then release. Please allow 3-5 minutes for the camera to completely reset.


Did not hear "Binding Successful"?

1.Please ensure you are holding your phone close the camera; the closer the better.
2. Please ensure the area is quiet so the camera can clearly receive the sound wave.
3. Failure prompts from the camera:
⑴Wireless network does not exist:
①Check the wireless network name for any characters other than numbers or letters
②Check if the wireless network broadcast is hidden
③Check if the wireless network frequency is 5GHz
In any one of the above case, the camera will prompt: Wireless network does not exist.
①Change the wireless network name to only use a combination letters and numbers, no special characters.
②Disable the wireless network's hidden broadcast function
③Change the wireless network frequency to 2.4GHz

⑵Wireless network connection failed:
①Check if the wireless network password is correct
②Check if the wireless network is using WEP encryption
If one of the above exist, there will be voice prompt from camera “Wireless network connection failed”
①Re-enter the wireless network password
②Change the wireless network encryption type to WPA or WPA2

⑶Network abnormal, please check the router:
Verify that the wireless network is able to connect to the internet.

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