Dual Mode 10-Way 3-Band Amplifier

Dual Mode 10-Way 3-Band Amplifier with Return Path

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Dual Mode 10-Way Amp, Line Powered, UHF/FM/DAB Input With IR.


This versatile 10-way amplifier has separate inputs for the VHF/FM, DAB and UHF bands.

It can be powered locally, where mains is available nearby, or remotely via any of its outputs.

Dual-Mode technology allows the amplifier to behave either as a traditional multi-way distribution amplifier (mode 1), or as return-path amplifier additionally providing remote control capability for a Sky digital satellite receiver or PVR (mode 2).



  • Ideal for digital and analogue house-wide VHF radio and UHF TV distribution to ten or more outlets, ready for digital switch-over
  • Dual-mode operation, plain or return path - two amplifiers in one!
  • Automatic mode selection (senses voltage from RF OUT-2 of Sky receiver at UHF input)
  • Line power available for UHF preamplifier (Mode 1 only)
  • Power at all outputs for infrared eyes (Mode 2 only)
  • Flexible powering capability - local or remote, using proPSA125 or proPSU112X (see diagrams)
  • In Mode 2 - the complete 10-way system can be powered entirely from via a proLINK22 (Flexible RF Output Modulator - restores Sky distribution) with a proPSA125 fitted at the proLINK22; for one of new design Sky Boxes that have that they have no ‘RF‑2’ connection. See link below for more details.
  • With equipotential bonding point.





1.5 dB

4 dB

4.5 dB

Max recommended input

70 dBµV

70 dBµV

78 dBµV



Mode 1

Mode 2

Power requirements*


8.5 - 18V, 80 mA

10.5 - 18V, 120 mA

External power out


UHF preamp:

5V at 30 mA max.

IR "eyes":

9V at 10 mA max. (x10)

*Excludes current drawn by external loads. Certain features of this product are covered by UK Patent no. 2425443. See full data sheet for detailed description and comprehensive data.

Find out more about using this product with the New Sky Boxes

Introducing the PROception proLINK22 ‘RF replicator’

New Sky set-top boxes such as the DRX595 and DRX890W do not have the familiar aerial input, RF-1 and RF-2 connectors. These RF-loopthrough facilities have been replaced with the new ‘I/O PORT’ – a small round connector (10- pin mini-DIN) which allows an external ‘RF replicator’ (modulator) unit to provide similar distribution functions.

Applicable to the following models

proAMP12R proAMP104X
proAMP24R proAMP310X
proAMP26R proMHD14R
proAMP28R proSAT1EYE
proSTR5M proSTR10CRS
proSTR5S proSTR10S


Data sheet

Amplifier Distribution Type
X-Amp DTT (Freeview) and Sky (Infra Red Control)
Amplifier TETRA Filtering
Amplifier Inputs
UHF, VHF FM, VHF DAB & Auxillary
Amplifier Outputs
Amplifier Equipotential Bonding Point
Amplifier Powering
Remote or Local PSU
Sky Return Path

Specific References


PROAMP310X Manual

Instructions for Installation and Use.

Download (551.59k)

proLINK22 Supplementary Manual

Using this product with the New Sky Boxes

Download (0)

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