Screened Inductive Splitter, 1in 4Out, DCPass 1Leg

Screened Inductive Splitter/Combiner 1 in 4 Out DC Pass 1 Leg
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Screened Inductive Splitter/Combiner 1 In 4 Out. DC Pass 1 Leg.

Screened wideband units intended for splitting digital aerial feeds in strong signal conditions where the use of distribution amplifiers or active splitters is unnecessary. These products can also be used as general-purpose signal splitters or combiners.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


  • 2- and 4-way models available.
  • Low insertion loss with excellent 75 Ω impedance matching and high isolation between outputs.
  • Fully screened RF modules in robust diecast enclosures. Strong cast-in 'F' connectors.
  • Proven free-draining moulded enclosures give easy access and cannot trap water.
  • Directional power pass (20 V & 250 mA max) from any output leg to the common input, allowing an upstream amplifier to be powered.
  • With equipotential bonding point.




Product Code
Frequency Range Insertion Loss VHF1 Insertion Loss UHF2 Output Isolation Power Pass3



47-862 MHz

≤7.3 dB

≤8.2 dB

≥22 dB


1 47-230 MHz. 2 230-862 MHz. 3 Directional (diode-steered) power pass from any output(s) to common input. Typlical voltage drop 0.8 V. Power is isolated from reaching any unpowered output legs. For use in DC negative earth systems only.



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