starBOX Home 10+1-Way RF Network Hub

PROSTR10S - starBOX Home 10+1-Way RF Network Hub

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starBOX Home 10+1-Way RF Network Hub


These hubs combine signals from a variety of sources to feed a 'master' outlet. A UHF return loop signal from the master room equipment is fed back to the hub for distribution to five or ten addtional extension rooms, making set-top box outputs available throughout a property.


Solo starBOX hubs are particularly suitable for installation during new-build or refurbishment projects in indivdual homes.


  • Individual filtered inputs for FM and Band III DAB radio, UHF TV and two satellite LNB feeds. Additional auxiliary UHF input allows connection of CCTV or similar local sources.
  • VHF distribution from aerials to master and all extension room outlets. UHF distribution from return input to all extension rooms with return path for remote control of  set-top box.
  • Line power for a proMHD11L preamplifier available at UHF aerial input.
  • Power at all extension room outputs for infrared 'eyes'.
  • Option for 15 and 20-Way StarBOX System.
  • With equipotential bonding point.




Product Code Aerial Inputs IRS Inputs CCTV Input Separate SAT2 & RTN
Combined SAT2 & RTN
Extension Outputs Line Power






See how to install a 15 or 20-Way Application for Freesat, PVRs and Using existing equipment

Find out more about using this product with the New Sky Boxes

Introducing the PROception proLINK22 ‘RF replicator’

New Sky set-top boxes such as the DRX595 and DRX890W do not have the familiar aerial input, RF-1 and RF-2 connectors. These RF-loopthrough facilities have been replaced with the new ‘I/O PORT’ – a small round connector (10- pin mini-DIN) which allows an external ‘RF replicator’ (modulator) unit to provide similar distribution functions.

Applicable to the following models

proAMP12R proAMP104X
proAMP24R proAMP310X
proAMP26R proMHD14R
proAMP28R proSAT1EYE
proSTR5M proSTR10CRS
proSTR5S proSTR10S

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PROSTR Data Sheet

Detailed Specification Information

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Instructions for Installation and Use.

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